Introduction to Social Dynamic

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琉璃 12月 02, 2017

The introduction to Social Dynamic


It discusses people’s behavior and how to communicate with other’s.

The relating term: cold-read,social engineering, mystery’s lounge

video notes


opening(usually last for 2-3 minutes) is not that important, aim to hook(while you see the animate eye)

  • without hesitate, walk straight to the target before the hesitate appear.
  • set the framework(a interaction between man and women)- physical
  • drop down intonation
  • short phrases
  • eye contact
  • you are the doer not the receiver. Control the conversation
  • vibing:
    • align your words, behavior(no filters)


  • comfort
  • talk 50%
    * you are the buyer, not to sell yourself.
    * stand at the opposite side of her friends(if her friend comes)
    * emotional investment:
    * You want to leave?


  • who do you come here with?
  • where do you go tomorrow?
  • where do you live?

Build leadings :

  • ask the phone number to see again.(text in front of her;we’ll hang in out later; have coffee with me tomorrow)
  • emotional investment(What is my name?)


  • come up with solutions to her objections


Clear you intent. Be confident. Be yourself. Be initiative. Show DHV. Don’t be afraid of failure.

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